Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

With flavors like Caramel Macchiato Coffee, Old-Fashioned, and Chocolate Mint, there’s one with your name on it.

Butters, Lotions, & Balms

When our proprietary blend of essential oils and CBD come together, they make beautiful things.

CannaMent® Products

A soothing and moisturizing body butter perfect for massage and skin maintenance.


Body products for the soul...

Artisan-Crafted, Kentucky Proud, Hemp-Friendly

Ancient Aromas™ is a Kentucky-based, Kentucky Proud company that formulates and manufactures a full line of CBD products in our CGMP Certified Facility with an emphasis on herbs, essential oils, and hemp derivatives. If you’re looking to develop your own products, feel free to reach out to us regarding our Private Label Program! We look forward to hearing from you!

Our quality therapeutic products soothe and revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

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K. Howell
K. Howell
CannaMent-A Hempy Body Butter Awaken 250mg
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I rubbed a small amount on both knees the first day I received it. By the next morning the pain in my knees had appreciably lessened. They have been feeling better each day since I started using it. I have noticed much less pain, and I am not as clumsy as I once was being able to use my cane much less than previously.
K. Howell
K. Howell
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 500mg
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I rub a small amount of Awaken 250mg onto each knee twice a day and use the liquid once a day at night under my tongue by dropper. My knees have also strengthened as I need much less help getting up from a sitting position. I have nothing but praise for your products.

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